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Birthdate:Jan 12
Location:Houston, Texas, United States of America


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10th doctor, 80s music, abba, alan rickman, aliens, aragorn, batman, batman/joker, best week ever, billy idol, black celebration, bono, books, brokeback mountain, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/spike, charlaine harris, christian bale, clive owen, coldplay, computers, dave gahan, david bowie, david duchovny, david tennant, david thewlis, depeche mode, doctor who, duran duran, dwight, echo and the bunnymen, edward cullen, er, ewan mcgregor, filter, garbage, george harrison, gillian anderson, graphic design, grindhouse, han solo, harry potter, heath ledger, heathus christ, heroes, horror movies, hugh jackman, iron man, james marsters, jean grey, jimmy page, jk rowling, joaquin phoenix, john bonham, john lennon, john paul jones, johnny cash, johnny depp, joker, jon stewart, jonathan davis, joy division, kill bill, korn, labyrinth, led zeppelin, logan/jean, lord of the rings, lost, madonna, martin gore, martin l. gore, milo ventimiglia, milo/hayden, movies, mulder/scully, mystery science theater 3000, new order, new wave, nin, nine inch nails, paire, paul mccartney, peter petrelli, peter/claire, photography, photoshop, pink floyd, pizza, playing the angel, prisoner of azkaban, rage against the machine, rasputina, reading, redshippers, return of the jedi, ringo star, robert downey jr., robert plant, robert smith, rorschach, roxy music, sci-fi, science fiction, severus snape, severus snape/hermione granger, shirley manson, siouxsie and the banshees, slash, sleeping, smut, snape/hermione, sookie stackhouse, star wars, stephanie meyer, stephen colbert, steve carell, tears for fears, the beatles, the colbert report, the cure, the daily show, the dark knight, the office, the outer limits, the smashing pumpkins, the smiths, the x-files, tim burton, tori amos, trent reznor, trueblood, twilight, u2, university of houston, viggo mortensen, violator, walter kovacs, watchmen, wolverine, wolverine/jean, x-men
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